And Now We’re Back, Back Again…

We are back from summer and on to a wonderful school year!  With two weeks down and fourteen to go, we are an eighth of the way done!  Woohoo.


Our annual summer camp went swimmingly; we had between nine and 15 students every day and it was an awesome experience for everyone who went.  Everyone got to either learn a new form or hone skills of a previously known one.  There is always so much grown and learning (and pain) gained from going to camp; if you have not been able to go before, you should definitely think about it for next year!


Our semester has been booming from the beginning!  Our first class had an even number of returning members and new students and our second meeting had more beginners then returners!  Wow, what a milestone!  Our third class was on Labour Day so wasn’t an official meeting and our numbers dwindled but this last class back up to more then half and half.  This last class was also “Bring a Friend Day” as well as the Demo Day and I think everyone was quite impressed with our awesome skills.  I am happy to see so many excited returning newbies and hopefully they will make it through a whole semester.
A note to new students; don’t forget to eat bananas, spinach, beans and other things to help with the soreness!  Stretching every day, even for a little bit is also going to be a hugely beneficial habit in the long run!

Next Saturday, on the 13th is our first (hopefully) annual Challenge Course run.  It will be $30 to participate weather you are a student or not but I need liability waivers signed so if you are interested, please talk to me so I can get those for you!  Money is due to Ronnie, so talk to him about when and how to get that to him.  If you are going to the challenge course, please remember to bring a water bottle and dress for the weather!  I’m not sure yet weather it will be rainy or sunny or if a tornado will strike so dress in layers and be ready for anything Flagstaff can throw our way.  We will be there from 1-4PM and if you need to know where the Course is, let me know!

The last big bit of news: Dusty is in Costa Rica!  As everyone should know by now, she was asked to compete alongside the American Wushu Team at the 10th Annual Pan-American Wushu Tournament.  So far, we have heard about one silver medal she has won for her third compulsory chang quan performance.  This is such a huge honour and achievement so make sure you congratulate her when you see her next!  Also, tell all your friends that that awesome person was our founding coach and, by lineage, you are also awesome.


I also wanted to publicly apologize for the few posts that went out last semester/year.  I will do my absolute best to send out more posts and keep everyone updated on the goings-on of the team.  I hope everyone has had a good first two weeks and is ready to keep up the great work!



PS; Ronnie will be doing a shoe order this coming Friday.  The price has been raised to $25 to cover the increased shipping from the site. If you are interested in buying Feiyues let him know.  If you are interested in having them dyed, make sure you get white from him and let me know what colour you’d like!


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