Great Start!

Wow, it has been an awesome beginning to an awesome Spring semester.  We have had about five consistent new members which is wonderful; adding people to our ranks will make us a better army (evil laugh).  Friends have been made, compulsories have been learned, and demos have been performed.  We are only about six weeks into the semester (OHMY it’s almost midterms!) but we have kept so busy!

Two weeks ago was the Chinese New Year Festival and some of the NAU team members went down to the valley to help Jade Moon with their week long performance of demos and lion dance and dragon.  It was exhausting and a ton of hard work but BOY was it a blast!  The Chinese New Year Festival is something we always try to go down and perform for but this year it was huge and a much bigger deal then in the past and we are so glad that we could be a part of the experience and that our parent school welcomed our help with open arms.  And oh yea, HAPPY YEAR OF THE HORSE!

Last week a small group performed at the Kjack Live Arts Festival and got a huge arousal from the crowd.  They LOVED the chain whip and sparring set.  Way to rise the appeal guys!  Saturday was a super busy day because before the Live Arts Festival, we had a day long ‘Competition Prep’ with Sifu Long and Sifu Houwangzi.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone who stopped by benefited in some way from their awesome ideas and assistance.  Thanks Jade Moon Coaches for being so dedicated to the NAU Team and donating your time to help us out!

Next week is our Di tang Seminar.  Sifu Long will be traveling all the way back up here to teach us how to fall correctly as well as ground techniques and lots of super fun fundamental things that will really benefit everyone’s Wushu, no matter how new they are to the art.  Because this is a class and not a practice, we do ask that anyone who comes brings a donation of $15 or $20 to help cover for the Coach’s time and gas.  The seminar will be from 10am to 2am with a lunch/break somewhere in there.  We will be in the Rolle Activity Center (the same room the Classic was in) so stop by and learn some stuff!

The next big bit of new are our tournaments.  Berkley (March 15) and Collegiates (April 19).  Travel and hotel have been priced out and of course, everyone is more then welcome to choose their own hotel and airline but the more we stick together, the cheaper it will be.  Berkley has been priced out to relatively $170 while Collegiates stands at about $420 (of course plane tickets for Collegiates will only go up).  Unfortunately, ASNAU has lowered the amount of money they will re-reimburse to clubs so there is no way to get full re-reimbursement for Collegiates.  That being said, if you are interested in either tournament, please talk to Genevieve right away!

Last bit of events (not nearly as big as the a fore mentioned ones) are some of our little ‘parties’.  An ‘Anti-social Party’ will be held at Sean and Ronnie and Robert’s apartment on March 8th from ‘whenever’ to ‘whenever’.  Probably starting around two or three, just show up, bring your laptop or video game or book and be anti-social with us.  Next up is our ‘Team Building Party’ where we will play tons of fun ‘ice breaker’ and ‘team-building’ activities and just have a general fun day!  Location is not set yet but it will probably be in the Gabaldon or WAC field.  After that is finals and our Spring Banquet!  The date for the Banquet hasn’t been set yet so keep an eye out and we will let you all know where that goes!  (If you need S/R/R’s address or wish to be invited to any of these events on Facebook please message Sousa).

I will also be updating the donate button here on the site and I will also be adding tons of pictures from the last Banquet, the Classic and the semester so far in the Multimedia section.  If you have any pictures you would like me to put up, please let me know and we can discuss how to get them to me.  Last but NOT least, we will be starting the Student Spotlight back up again so keep an eye out for that!

And without further ado, I bid thee, good night!


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