Crazy Semester!

Wow!  It has been one seriously crazy semester folks.  I’m sorry for not getting an update sooner but you can expect to see them monthly starting next semester.  There’s a lot to discuss now, so please bare with me.

Our semester has been busy busy.  We were off to a quick start with big classes, sometimes we broke down into four lines and got through basics quickly.  There was a period where we would condition between lines which was tiring but really helped to keep people focused and on track. 


The BIG news, is the Jade Wushu Classic.  Held on the 7th, this last weekend, we had 21 competitors and saw 31 performances.  It was a full day of fun and hard work.  First, I would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to our five judges: Coach Houwangzi, Coach Long, Coach Jake, Coach Dusty and Coach Tiandao.  Without your dedication and expertise, this tournament would not have been possible.
Our tournament opened with a wonderful Lion Dance by Dusty and Lianna.  Following that was a Master’s Demo where Coach Long and Coach Dusty performed strait-sword and eagle respectively.  Then we had the beginner, intermediate and advanced devisions, followed by a few fun competitions.  The days was not over, however, because a fter a few hour break, the end of the semester banquet was held!  There was food, there was pictures, and there was even a new game invented (talk to Coach Long, Wushu Pool is a real thing now).  Without further ado, I will announce the scores of the tournament!

Beginner Division
Mekenzie: 8.74    -Second Place
Katie: 8.7             -Third Place
Hannah W: 8.1
Courtney: 9.0      -First Place
Lisa: 7.65
Kai: 7.45
Kristin: 7.2

Intermediate Empty-Hand Division:
Naomi: 6.95
Robert L: 8.1
Cheyenne: 8.5     -First Place
Sousa: 6.025
Stephanie: 8.2     -Third Place
Hannah: 8.4         -Second Place
Andrew: 8.1

Intermediate Weapon Division
Vincent: 7.7         -First Place
Sousa: 6.2           -Second Place

Advanced Contemporary Empty-Hand Division:
Genevieve: 8.55 -Second Place
Sean: 7.95
Lianna: 8.35       -Third Place
Tyler: 8.75          -First Place
Angel: 7.05

Advanced Traditional Long Empty-Hand Division:
Hansol: 9.05            -First Place
Ronnie: 9.00       -Second Place

Advanced Traditional Short Empty-Hand Division:
Vincent: 7.85       -Second Place
Angel: 8.00          -First Place

Advanced Long Weapon Division:
Sean: 8.60          -Second Place
Ronnie: 8.80       -First Place

Advanced Short Weapon Division:
Ronnie: 8.55      -Second Place
Genevieve: 9.1   -First Place

Advanced Traditional Weapon Division:
Angel: 8.90         -Second Place
Hansol: 9.1         -First Place

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners and to our beginners who competed for their very first time.  You guys are amazing!  Video was taken of (nearly) all of the performances so if you are interested in having a copy of yours, please talk to Sousa, otherwise, they will be posted on Youtube soon.


Coming up next is our Winter Break.  but just because we have no school doesn’t mean we should be training.  Open a present in a scale.  Eat Christmas dinner in horse stance without a chair!  Be tough, because when we get back from break there is no ‘get back into it’ session.  It’s Collegiates training time! Speaking of which, Collegiates this year will be in Maryland, so start saving up and be on the lookout for more information about that in the near future.

In addition to our busy semester of training, the officers have been hard at work behind the scenes.  A new ranking system has been set up so if you are interested in ranking, please speak with Coach Genevieve.  The officers have also created our very own Wushu Team banner that we can bring to competitions and we will be tabling next semester to try to bring in new members.  There is a lot of great stuff planned for next semester including a few more prophet shares so keep your eyes peeled.  We also have a t-shirt design going for a team shirt.  The deadline for entrees is the first week of the Spring Semester.  Alumnis are welcome to put in a design!  The more the merrier.


Last, but obviously not least, we will be subtracting one from our number as this semester comes to a close.  Hannah, our beautiful Northern Green Flower Cat will be graduating and moving back to the valley where she will be starting a Wushu club at ASU.  She will be walking on Thursday December 18th at 3PM in the Sky Dome, so be sure to be there to support her!


Ok, I believe that is all for now.  Remember, the updates will be coming more often next semester so be sure to check in often for announcements and updates!


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