A Fantastic Start!

So I am happy to say that a new semester has started up and we have a good handful of brand new team members who have been joining us consistently for classes.  We also have a great deal of older faces returning to us as well.  So far, the classes have been massive – so large, in fact that on Wednesday we did warmups and basics in three lines!


Classes are going to be held Monday and Wednesday in the Filed House from 7-9.  

We officially have a tennis court reserved for us on Monday at this time, however Wednesday is still open court.  If you are the first one there and there is an open space, CLAIM IT.  Once we are there, we cannot be kicked out.  The Field House closes promptly at 9:00 so we need to make sure to get out of there as quickly as possible.  So in order to try to keep on their good side, we are going to try to start closer to 6:55 so we can get out five minutes earlier.


The six day training camp was held the week before school started back up.  There was a decent amount of students who came throughout the camp.  The practices were intensive but wonderful.  After the initial soreness, everyone started to get better with their Wushu.  Some students learned the Compulsory form in four days, others learned the staff or swords compulsories.  It was great to be together with our graduated members.


The first team order of the year is being placed.  Be sure to get your money and information to treasurer Ronnie Hudson by Friday!


A weekly conditioning class as well as a weekly Nanquan class is currently in the works.  Keep an eye out for information on those in the very near future if you have interest in them.  Extra practice sessions are being held almost daily so also keep an eye out for those or post if you are going to be practicing and want some company.


Well.  That seems to be everything I can think of to discuss!  I would just like to say WELCOME to the new students.




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