Everyone thought that things would slow down after collegiates but they were wrong!  Things have been just as crazy.  And just like the time since collegiates, this post is gonna be super crazy so bear with me!

Collegiates itself was a blast!  The NAU Wushu team took 21 people (19 competitors) and came home with eight medals!  We would like to offer our congratulations to the following medal holders:
Dusty Schmidt: Advanced Female Other WeaponBronze  Advanced Female SpearBronze  Nandu Female Long FistGold
Lianna Rivera: Intermediate Female Other WeaponSilver  Intermediate Female Open HandSilver
Ronnie Hudson: Intermediate Male Southern StaffGold
Sean Roonie: Intermediate Male SpearGold
Robert Lutton: Beginner Male Southern FistBronze

We also had three Group Sets compete which was amazing and our themes got huge crowd reactions.

There was no break between Collegiates and Banquet as four team members practiced coaching in a 30 minute and 45 minute section.  Jessica Barroga, Genevieve Burns, Andrew Stebenne and Cheyenne Bramwell all did amazingly well and each brought a little something new and exciting to the practice.

At Banquet, we had many new awards to be given.  Logan Seckinton, Andrew Stebenne, Genevieve Burns and Robert Whitefield were awarded their Blue Level ranks.  Ronnie Hudson, Naomi Blackwell, Robert Whitefield, Robert Lutton, Hannah Eaton and Genevieve Burns were awarded their Senior Name and Status.  In addition, Lianna and Dusty’s names were modified.
Also at Banquet, the new officers were revealed.  Good job to everyone who ran!

Coach: Genevieve Burns
President: Jessica Barroga
Vice President: Naomi Blackwell
Secretary: Cheyenne Bramwell
Treasurer: Ronnie Hudson
Historian: Genevieve Burns
PR Rep: Sousa Larson

Finals week  is a a time when stress needs to be released and fun needs to be had!  Lion Dance practices have been going strong and there are many interested members.  The team is also doing its best to power through the 108 basics during the last two practices.

This last week of school brings heavy hearts as we say goodbye to those who have been with us since the beginning.  The team will be different without you, but we hope to grow into something you can be proud of.  Thank you for all of your help and love and we will miss you in your absence.


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