Packing List

List of what to bring and some extra information provided by Coach Dusty. Also, not listed but recommended to bring are any braces or pads (keep in mind these must not show when you compete) and any tiger balm and such.

NAU Wushu Team Collegiates Trip Packing List:


Clothes for driving (think comfort!)


Gas money

Books/iPods/other entertainment




Liability waiver

Wushu Team shirt

Black pants



Apparatus (spear, fan, sword, etc.)

Money for food/souvenirs

Props/costumes for group sets


Jacket (may get cold at night)

(Wushu Team jacket if you have one)

Hair ties/hair clips/hairspray


Lots and lots of jiayou! J


Bathing suit




Sandals/flip flops

Money for food

Gas money

Clothes for driving

For the trip in general:

Personal items (glasses/contacts/medicines/vitamins, etc.)

Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)

Socks and underwear

Camera (if you want to take photos/record)


Good manners and best behavior


Any money spent on hotel, gas and registration can be reimbursed! If you buy gas, PLEASE get a receipt and keep it for our records. Keep track of how much YOU PERSONALLY spent on gas, as each person’s reimbursement check will be slightly different. If you decide to give all your gas receipts to your driver, write your name on the receipts for gas you paid for, so we can give you back the money you spent!

Remember that we are representing NAU, the NAU Wushu Team, Arizona, Jade Moon Wushu Academy, and our coaches Dusty and Coach Robert! Refrain from profanity and any discussion of drinking, please. Avoid inappropriate gestures. Above all, speak well of your colleagues both new and old! Collegiates is a wonderful opportunity to meet new wushu athletes! Be friendly and polite and you will make great new friends! Also remember to be very polite to any volunteers and thank them for their time and effort.

Last but not least, remember that you are all amazing! I am so SO proud of all your hard work and effort! You be will great! Give it all you’ve got, leave everything on the floor! JIAYOU NAU!


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