Preperation for Collegiates

Our wushu is looking good but as the event gets closer, travel items need to be addressed. Most if not all of this information has been shared before hand, this post is just condensing it all to one area for review. Below is a copy of the list that was made for travel arrangements and room arrangements.

Make sure you know who you are riding with and what time you are leaving. Coach Dusty requests that no one leave later than 10:00am on Friday, April 19th. Institutional Excuses are available. Remember to help out your driver with gas money on the way to and from California.

NAU Wushu team was granted full funding for the trip. Woohoo! This means registration, hotel, and travel will all be reimbursed AFTER the trip. So bring money and please keep all receipts. This is the only way you will be able to be reimbursed.

Snacks are recommended for the trip as well as during Saturday as it will be a long and busy day that requires much energy. Please avoid coffee, soda, energy drinks and such the day of the competition. As well, drivers, please text Hannah, Lianna, or Dusty of your whereabouts during your trip and any stops you make.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Coach Dusty and/or Coach Robert. Updates will be made as more information is added as well as a possible recommended packing list.

List of Travel Arrangements

Collegiates Travel Placements:

  1. Dusty, Lianna (maybe), Hannah, Christian
  2. Robert L., Sean, Ronnie
  3. Susan, Andrew, KC, Tabitha
  4. Robert W., Naomi, Logan Sousa
  5. Genevieve, Toma, Cheyenne, Ben, Mckenzie

Collegiates Room Placements:

  1. Dusty, Toma, Genevieve, Coach, Hannah
  2. Sean, Ronnie, Robert L., Andrew, Logan
  3. Naomi, Sousa, Robert W., Ben, Christian
  4. Susan, KC, Tabitha, Cheyenne, Mckenzie, Lianna (maybe)

Reminder: When in California you are representing Northern Arizona University, the Wushu Team, Dusty, and by extension, Jade Moon Wushu Academy. While other teams are free to conduct themselves as they see fit, NAU Wushu Team has some expectations.

  • Please refrain from any foul profanity
  • Please refrain from any talk of drinking after the event (while you are welcome to this option, you are asked not to discuss it in public)
  • Please make sure to treat each volunteer nicely and thank them for their time and effort
  • Please conduct yourself professionally
  • Please use common sense

We have worked hard for this competition and we will all do well. Remember to be safe and enjoy yourself. Jiayou NAU Wushu!

Update: Make sure to bring your student ID as you may need this to verify you are an NAU Student.


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