And Now We’re Back, Back Again…

We are back from summer and on to a wonderful school year!  With two weeks down and fourteen to go, we are an eighth of the way done!  Woohoo.


Our annual summer camp went swimmingly; we had between nine and 15 students every day and it was an awesome experience for everyone who went.  Everyone got to either learn a new form or hone skills of a previously known one.  There is always so much grown and learning (and pain) gained from going to camp; if you have not been able to go before, you should definitely think about it for next year!


Our semester has been booming from the beginning!  Our first class had an even number of returning members and new students and our second meeting had more beginners then returners!  Wow, what a milestone!  Our third class was on Labour Day so wasn’t an official meeting and our numbers dwindled but this last class back up to more then half and half.  This last class was also “Bring a Friend Day” as well as the Demo Day and I think everyone was quite impressed with our awesome skills.  I am happy to see so many excited returning newbies and hopefully they will make it through a whole semester.
A note to new students; don’t forget to eat bananas, spinach, beans and other things to help with the soreness!  Stretching every day, even for a little bit is also going to be a hugely beneficial habit in the long run!

Next Saturday, on the 13th is our first (hopefully) annual Challenge Course run.  It will be $30 to participate weather you are a student or not but I need liability waivers signed so if you are interested, please talk to me so I can get those for you!  Money is due to Ronnie, so talk to him about when and how to get that to him.  If you are going to the challenge course, please remember to bring a water bottle and dress for the weather!  I’m not sure yet weather it will be rainy or sunny or if a tornado will strike so dress in layers and be ready for anything Flagstaff can throw our way.  We will be there from 1-4PM and if you need to know where the Course is, let me know!

The last big bit of news: Dusty is in Costa Rica!  As everyone should know by now, she was asked to compete alongside the American Wushu Team at the 10th Annual Pan-American Wushu Tournament.  So far, we have heard about one silver medal she has won for her third compulsory chang quan performance.  This is such a huge honour and achievement so make sure you congratulate her when you see her next!  Also, tell all your friends that that awesome person was our founding coach and, by lineage, you are also awesome.


I also wanted to publicly apologize for the few posts that went out last semester/year.  I will do my absolute best to send out more posts and keep everyone updated on the goings-on of the team.  I hope everyone has had a good first two weeks and is ready to keep up the great work!



PS; Ronnie will be doing a shoe order this coming Friday.  The price has been raised to $25 to cover the increased shipping from the site. If you are interested in buying Feiyues let him know.  If you are interested in having them dyed, make sure you get white from him and let me know what colour you’d like!

What a Year!


Now that we are about a month into summer, I hope to hear that everyone is still practicing hard!  Of course, summer is also a time to relax and have fun, so don’t over do it or break yourself.  That is what Camp is for.  Speaking of which, the 5th Annual NAU and Jade Moon Wushu Camp will be held from August 18th – 22nd.  A location and specific times are still being worked out, but make sure you get those nights off if necessary!

We have had a seriously awesome school year guys.  We sent a few people all the way across the country for Collegiates, we had five team mates graduate, we had five new Senior Students and two new members added to the officer board.  What a year it has been, indeed.

Four Jade Moon (And NAU Alum) members went to the Golden State Tournament last weekend.  In total they came home with four 1st place and two 2nd place trophies!  Awesome job Dusty, Lianna, Jessica and Hannah!  We are so proud of you guys.  The next tournament is Las Vegas from August 1st-3rd so if anyone is interested in competing, start talking tot he Coaches now.  We hope to see a strong set of athletes compete for our schools.


Last but not least, I would like to alert everyone to Coach Dusty’s wonderful opportunity.  She has been asked to compete at the 10th Annual Pan-American Wushu Championships in San Jose, Costa Rica.  That is a MASSIVE honour that, quite unfortunate, comes with just as massive a price tag.  So we ask that anyone who can donate anything at all, whether it is only a dollar or twenty, do what they can to help her with this amazing opportunity because not only will she be representing the US, she will also be representing Jade Moon and NAU.  More information as well as the ability to donate to her fund can be found here.


With all of that being said, I hope that everyone has a wonderful summer.  More information about the summer camp will be released as it is known and we hope to see everyone there!

Great Start!

Wow, it has been an awesome beginning to an awesome Spring semester.  We have had about five consistent new members which is wonderful; adding people to our ranks will make us a better army (evil laugh).  Friends have been made, compulsories have been learned, and demos have been performed.  We are only about six weeks into the semester (OHMY it’s almost midterms!) but we have kept so busy!

Two weeks ago was the Chinese New Year Festival and some of the NAU team members went down to the valley to help Jade Moon with their week long performance of demos and lion dance and dragon.  It was exhausting and a ton of hard work but BOY was it a blast!  The Chinese New Year Festival is something we always try to go down and perform for but this year it was huge and a much bigger deal then in the past and we are so glad that we could be a part of the experience and that our parent school welcomed our help with open arms.  And oh yea, HAPPY YEAR OF THE HORSE!

Last week a small group performed at the Kjack Live Arts Festival and got a huge arousal from the crowd.  They LOVED the chain whip and sparring set.  Way to rise the appeal guys!  Saturday was a super busy day because before the Live Arts Festival, we had a day long ‘Competition Prep’ with Sifu Long and Sifu Houwangzi.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone who stopped by benefited in some way from their awesome ideas and assistance.  Thanks Jade Moon Coaches for being so dedicated to the NAU Team and donating your time to help us out!

Next week is our Di tang Seminar.  Sifu Long will be traveling all the way back up here to teach us how to fall correctly as well as ground techniques and lots of super fun fundamental things that will really benefit everyone’s Wushu, no matter how new they are to the art.  Because this is a class and not a practice, we do ask that anyone who comes brings a donation of $15 or $20 to help cover for the Coach’s time and gas.  The seminar will be from 10am to 2am with a lunch/break somewhere in there.  We will be in the Rolle Activity Center (the same room the Classic was in) so stop by and learn some stuff!

The next big bit of new are our tournaments.  Berkley (March 15) and Collegiates (April 19).  Travel and hotel have been priced out and of course, everyone is more then welcome to choose their own hotel and airline but the more we stick together, the cheaper it will be.  Berkley has been priced out to relatively $170 while Collegiates stands at about $420 (of course plane tickets for Collegiates will only go up).  Unfortunately, ASNAU has lowered the amount of money they will re-reimburse to clubs so there is no way to get full re-reimbursement for Collegiates.  That being said, if you are interested in either tournament, please talk to Genevieve right away!

Last bit of events (not nearly as big as the a fore mentioned ones) are some of our little ‘parties’.  An ‘Anti-social Party’ will be held at Sean and Ronnie and Robert’s apartment on March 8th from ‘whenever’ to ‘whenever’.  Probably starting around two or three, just show up, bring your laptop or video game or book and be anti-social with us.  Next up is our ‘Team Building Party’ where we will play tons of fun ‘ice breaker’ and ‘team-building’ activities and just have a general fun day!  Location is not set yet but it will probably be in the Gabaldon or WAC field.  After that is finals and our Spring Banquet!  The date for the Banquet hasn’t been set yet so keep an eye out and we will let you all know where that goes!  (If you need S/R/R’s address or wish to be invited to any of these events on Facebook please message Sousa).

I will also be updating the donate button here on the site and I will also be adding tons of pictures from the last Banquet, the Classic and the semester so far in the Multimedia section.  If you have any pictures you would like me to put up, please let me know and we can discuss how to get them to me.  Last but NOT least, we will be starting the Student Spotlight back up again so keep an eye out for that!

And without further ado, I bid thee, good night!

Crazy Semester!

Wow!  It has been one seriously crazy semester folks.  I’m sorry for not getting an update sooner but you can expect to see them monthly starting next semester.  There’s a lot to discuss now, so please bare with me.

Our semester has been busy busy.  We were off to a quick start with big classes, sometimes we broke down into four lines and got through basics quickly.  There was a period where we would condition between lines which was tiring but really helped to keep people focused and on track. 


The BIG news, is the Jade Wushu Classic.  Held on the 7th, this last weekend, we had 21 competitors and saw 31 performances.  It was a full day of fun and hard work.  First, I would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to our five judges: Coach Houwangzi, Coach Long, Coach Jake, Coach Dusty and Coach Tiandao.  Without your dedication and expertise, this tournament would not have been possible.
Our tournament opened with a wonderful Lion Dance by Dusty and Lianna.  Following that was a Master’s Demo where Coach Long and Coach Dusty performed strait-sword and eagle respectively.  Then we had the beginner, intermediate and advanced devisions, followed by a few fun competitions.  The days was not over, however, because a fter a few hour break, the end of the semester banquet was held!  There was food, there was pictures, and there was even a new game invented (talk to Coach Long, Wushu Pool is a real thing now).  Without further ado, I will announce the scores of the tournament!

Beginner Division
Mekenzie: 8.74    -Second Place
Katie: 8.7             -Third Place
Hannah W: 8.1
Courtney: 9.0      -First Place
Lisa: 7.65
Kai: 7.45
Kristin: 7.2

Intermediate Empty-Hand Division:
Naomi: 6.95
Robert L: 8.1
Cheyenne: 8.5     -First Place
Sousa: 6.025
Stephanie: 8.2     -Third Place
Hannah: 8.4         -Second Place
Andrew: 8.1

Intermediate Weapon Division
Vincent: 7.7         -First Place
Sousa: 6.2           -Second Place

Advanced Contemporary Empty-Hand Division:
Genevieve: 8.55 -Second Place
Sean: 7.95
Lianna: 8.35       -Third Place
Tyler: 8.75          -First Place
Angel: 7.05

Advanced Traditional Long Empty-Hand Division:
Hansol: 9.05            -First Place
Ronnie: 9.00       -Second Place

Advanced Traditional Short Empty-Hand Division:
Vincent: 7.85       -Second Place
Angel: 8.00          -First Place

Advanced Long Weapon Division:
Sean: 8.60          -Second Place
Ronnie: 8.80       -First Place

Advanced Short Weapon Division:
Ronnie: 8.55      -Second Place
Genevieve: 9.1   -First Place

Advanced Traditional Weapon Division:
Angel: 8.90         -Second Place
Hansol: 9.1         -First Place

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners and to our beginners who competed for their very first time.  You guys are amazing!  Video was taken of (nearly) all of the performances so if you are interested in having a copy of yours, please talk to Sousa, otherwise, they will be posted on Youtube soon.


Coming up next is our Winter Break.  but just because we have no school doesn’t mean we should be training.  Open a present in a scale.  Eat Christmas dinner in horse stance without a chair!  Be tough, because when we get back from break there is no ‘get back into it’ session.  It’s Collegiates training time! Speaking of which, Collegiates this year will be in Maryland, so start saving up and be on the lookout for more information about that in the near future.

In addition to our busy semester of training, the officers have been hard at work behind the scenes.  A new ranking system has been set up so if you are interested in ranking, please speak with Coach Genevieve.  The officers have also created our very own Wushu Team banner that we can bring to competitions and we will be tabling next semester to try to bring in new members.  There is a lot of great stuff planned for next semester including a few more prophet shares so keep your eyes peeled.  We also have a t-shirt design going for a team shirt.  The deadline for entrees is the first week of the Spring Semester.  Alumnis are welcome to put in a design!  The more the merrier.


Last, but obviously not least, we will be subtracting one from our number as this semester comes to a close.  Hannah, our beautiful Northern Green Flower Cat will be graduating and moving back to the valley where she will be starting a Wushu club at ASU.  She will be walking on Thursday December 18th at 3PM in the Sky Dome, so be sure to be there to support her!


Ok, I believe that is all for now.  Remember, the updates will be coming more often next semester so be sure to check in often for announcements and updates!

A Fantastic Start!

So I am happy to say that a new semester has started up and we have a good handful of brand new team members who have been joining us consistently for classes.  We also have a great deal of older faces returning to us as well.  So far, the classes have been massive – so large, in fact that on Wednesday we did warmups and basics in three lines!


Classes are going to be held Monday and Wednesday in the Filed House from 7-9.  

We officially have a tennis court reserved for us on Monday at this time, however Wednesday is still open court.  If you are the first one there and there is an open space, CLAIM IT.  Once we are there, we cannot be kicked out.  The Field House closes promptly at 9:00 so we need to make sure to get out of there as quickly as possible.  So in order to try to keep on their good side, we are going to try to start closer to 6:55 so we can get out five minutes earlier.


The six day training camp was held the week before school started back up.  There was a decent amount of students who came throughout the camp.  The practices were intensive but wonderful.  After the initial soreness, everyone started to get better with their Wushu.  Some students learned the Compulsory form in four days, others learned the staff or swords compulsories.  It was great to be together with our graduated members.


The first team order of the year is being placed.  Be sure to get your money and information to treasurer Ronnie Hudson by Friday!


A weekly conditioning class as well as a weekly Nanquan class is currently in the works.  Keep an eye out for information on those in the very near future if you have interest in them.  Extra practice sessions are being held almost daily so also keep an eye out for those or post if you are going to be practicing and want some company.


Well.  That seems to be everything I can think of to discuss!  I would just like to say WELCOME to the new students.



Summer Time!

It is summer, but that doesn’t mean the team hasn’t been active!  Many members have gone back to the valley for the school break and have been attending Jade Moon practices.  Those that have stayed in Flagstaff have been training around campus.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on when these practices are being held!


This coming weekend is a tournament in Los Vegas.  We have one person competing so lets all give Lianna Rivera our Jiayou’s and good lucks.  Everyone who can should go up to Vegas to support and cheer her on in person.  The competition will be held Saturday, August 3rd at the Tuscany Suites and Casino located at 255 E Flamingo Rd in Las Vegas, NV (about a five hour drive from Phoenix and a four hour drive from Flagstaff).  If you cannot go, no worries.  Video and photos will be taken during the event.


WUSHU CAMP!  Yay!  Everyone’s favorite part of summer, right?  The dates have been set so mark your calender as BUSY for August 20th-25th.  This is a six day camp, every night from 6PM to 9PM.  The camp is being held at the St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church located at 2540 W Baseline Rd in Mesa, AZ (85202).  Entree to camp is a $30 fee but it will be well worth it; body conditioning, basics perfecting, apparatus practice, form memorizing and so much more!  So be there or be oddly rectangular shaped.


There are only 26 days left until school starts!  Can you believe it, less then a month!  Team Practice dates are currently unannounced.  We have at least a few known people planning to show up to the first few practices so lets do our best to keep up the friendly and helpful attitude to welcome them with open arms.  We want to try to expand our numbers even more this year – could imagine taking 30 people to collegiates!  In addition to scheduled practice, there will also be extra practices so if you feel like you want to push yourself a bit more, don’t forget to show up.  Those will be announced in the Facebook group, just like before.


Keep working hard over this last month of freedom summer and don’t forget to at least stretch every day, even if you can’t actually get out to train.  Even that will do wonders for the return to practicing weekly (or daily, for some).  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and is ready to return to practice and classes with a fire in their hearts and a pride for what they do!


Everyone thought that things would slow down after collegiates but they were wrong!  Things have been just as crazy.  And just like the time since collegiates, this post is gonna be super crazy so bear with me!

Collegiates itself was a blast!  The NAU Wushu team took 21 people (19 competitors) and came home with eight medals!  We would like to offer our congratulations to the following medal holders:
Dusty Schmidt: Advanced Female Other WeaponBronze  Advanced Female SpearBronze  Nandu Female Long FistGold
Lianna Rivera: Intermediate Female Other WeaponSilver  Intermediate Female Open HandSilver
Ronnie Hudson: Intermediate Male Southern StaffGold
Sean Roonie: Intermediate Male SpearGold
Robert Lutton: Beginner Male Southern FistBronze

We also had three Group Sets compete which was amazing and our themes got huge crowd reactions.

There was no break between Collegiates and Banquet as four team members practiced coaching in a 30 minute and 45 minute section.  Jessica Barroga, Genevieve Burns, Andrew Stebenne and Cheyenne Bramwell all did amazingly well and each brought a little something new and exciting to the practice.

At Banquet, we had many new awards to be given.  Logan Seckinton, Andrew Stebenne, Genevieve Burns and Robert Whitefield were awarded their Blue Level ranks.  Ronnie Hudson, Naomi Blackwell, Robert Whitefield, Robert Lutton, Hannah Eaton and Genevieve Burns were awarded their Senior Name and Status.  In addition, Lianna and Dusty’s names were modified.
Also at Banquet, the new officers were revealed.  Good job to everyone who ran!

Coach: Genevieve Burns
President: Jessica Barroga
Vice President: Naomi Blackwell
Secretary: Cheyenne Bramwell
Treasurer: Ronnie Hudson
Historian: Genevieve Burns
PR Rep: Sousa Larson

Finals week  is a a time when stress needs to be released and fun needs to be had!  Lion Dance practices have been going strong and there are many interested members.  The team is also doing its best to power through the 108 basics during the last two practices.

This last week of school brings heavy hearts as we say goodbye to those who have been with us since the beginning.  The team will be different without you, but we hope to grow into something you can be proud of.  Thank you for all of your help and love and we will miss you in your absence.

Packing List

List of what to bring and some extra information provided by Coach Dusty. Also, not listed but recommended to bring are any braces or pads (keep in mind these must not show when you compete) and any tiger balm and such.

NAU Wushu Team Collegiates Trip Packing List:


Clothes for driving (think comfort!)


Gas money

Books/iPods/other entertainment




Liability waiver

Wushu Team shirt

Black pants



Apparatus (spear, fan, sword, etc.)

Money for food/souvenirs

Props/costumes for group sets


Jacket (may get cold at night)

(Wushu Team jacket if you have one)

Hair ties/hair clips/hairspray


Lots and lots of jiayou! J


Bathing suit




Sandals/flip flops

Money for food

Gas money

Clothes for driving

For the trip in general:

Personal items (glasses/contacts/medicines/vitamins, etc.)

Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)

Socks and underwear

Camera (if you want to take photos/record)


Good manners and best behavior


Any money spent on hotel, gas and registration can be reimbursed! If you buy gas, PLEASE get a receipt and keep it for our records. Keep track of how much YOU PERSONALLY spent on gas, as each person’s reimbursement check will be slightly different. If you decide to give all your gas receipts to your driver, write your name on the receipts for gas you paid for, so we can give you back the money you spent!

Remember that we are representing NAU, the NAU Wushu Team, Arizona, Jade Moon Wushu Academy, and our coaches Dusty and Coach Robert! Refrain from profanity and any discussion of drinking, please. Avoid inappropriate gestures. Above all, speak well of your colleagues both new and old! Collegiates is a wonderful opportunity to meet new wushu athletes! Be friendly and polite and you will make great new friends! Also remember to be very polite to any volunteers and thank them for their time and effort.

Last but not least, remember that you are all amazing! I am so SO proud of all your hard work and effort! You be will great! Give it all you’ve got, leave everything on the floor! JIAYOU NAU!

Preperation for Collegiates

Our wushu is looking good but as the event gets closer, travel items need to be addressed. Most if not all of this information has been shared before hand, this post is just condensing it all to one area for review. Below is a copy of the list that was made for travel arrangements and room arrangements.

Make sure you know who you are riding with and what time you are leaving. Coach Dusty requests that no one leave later than 10:00am on Friday, April 19th. Institutional Excuses are available. Remember to help out your driver with gas money on the way to and from California.

NAU Wushu team was granted full funding for the trip. Woohoo! This means registration, hotel, and travel will all be reimbursed AFTER the trip. So bring money and please keep all receipts. This is the only way you will be able to be reimbursed.

Snacks are recommended for the trip as well as during Saturday as it will be a long and busy day that requires much energy. Please avoid coffee, soda, energy drinks and such the day of the competition. As well, drivers, please text Hannah, Lianna, or Dusty of your whereabouts during your trip and any stops you make.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Coach Dusty and/or Coach Robert. Updates will be made as more information is added as well as a possible recommended packing list.

List of Travel Arrangements

Collegiates Travel Placements:

  1. Dusty, Lianna (maybe), Hannah, Christian
  2. Robert L., Sean, Ronnie
  3. Susan, Andrew, KC, Tabitha
  4. Robert W., Naomi, Logan Sousa
  5. Genevieve, Toma, Cheyenne, Ben, Mckenzie

Collegiates Room Placements:

  1. Dusty, Toma, Genevieve, Coach, Hannah
  2. Sean, Ronnie, Robert L., Andrew, Logan
  3. Naomi, Sousa, Robert W., Ben, Christian
  4. Susan, KC, Tabitha, Cheyenne, Mckenzie, Lianna (maybe)

Reminder: When in California you are representing Northern Arizona University, the Wushu Team, Dusty, and by extension, Jade Moon Wushu Academy. While other teams are free to conduct themselves as they see fit, NAU Wushu Team has some expectations.

  • Please refrain from any foul profanity
  • Please refrain from any talk of drinking after the event (while you are welcome to this option, you are asked not to discuss it in public)
  • Please make sure to treat each volunteer nicely and thank them for their time and effort
  • Please conduct yourself professionally
  • Please use common sense

We have worked hard for this competition and we will all do well. Remember to be safe and enjoy yourself. Jiayou NAU Wushu!

Update: Make sure to bring your student ID as you may need this to verify you are an NAU Student.

Photo of Sean Rooney doing his personal spear form. Photo courtesy of Genevieve Burns.